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Let’s make sure that your holidays don’t get affected by the Financial Crisis

The direct impact of financial crisis can be felt as it is compounding holiday stress and comes out as a strong reason to take away the charm of your holidays. Depression and anxiety have become a part of everyone’s life as people are worried about their finances. Disorders related to stress have gone up and the people don’t take shopping as a stress buster and it has been replaced by uncertainty, panic and dissatisfaction.

Holidays have now been taken as a stressful event. For most of us, the stress comes from things like crushing crowds, jumbled traffic, sold-out toys, long cashier lines, confused strings of broken lights, screaming children, quarrelling families and other reasons of happiness in life. And the list has added a new reason in the form of huge economic uncertainty, both on national and personal level.

To get rid of financial and social stress, you need to make some changes in the way you live. To start with, one should rethink about his or her gift-giving habits and restriction in one’s expectation. Focus should be given on families with children first and then singles should be looked at. It is indeed a great time to sit with family members to decide new approaches which can in turn become the new customs. For example , family members can do an event like choosing out a family member’s name and express love ,affection and care by focusing on the person’s unique qualities and by presenting a gift which suits his interest and has a personal touch.

We should also think if we are buying gifts for the sake of it and it is just a futile attempt to fill a permanent emptiness that can only be taken care off by God. And once we realize that, our next step should be to take out some time for our spiritual needs.  Conventionally, holidays are a time for family, friends and faith. 

To find out the reasons for financial temptations can help us in getting rid of empty sparkle and costly gifts so that we have more time for family and friends. This would ensure that we focus on spreading love and receiving love.
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